Welcome to my site
sorry about the mess :)

im Asi Hasson
illustrator and 2d animator.

i recently finished a long project and now i'm searching for my next challenge

About me.

I have 20 years of experience in creating digital media. 
built a lot of websites and made a lot of flash animations, banners and presentations.
i found that illustrating is my favorite part of the job. so for the past 8 years i tried to focus on that. I illustrated many children's books and game apps.

my learning capability is endless, If there's a place you need to fill I can probably fill it, i wear all sorts of hats.

here is my official Resume
I animate with dragonbones and adobe animate (flash).
im OK with spine and after effect.
ui ux ?
this site represents my ux abilities from vision to implementation.
check it on a cellphone and see how it feels.

I make beautiful ui's in any style.

My latest work is a casual game app
it is available for download on google play
view it here

and here are some more prints

Team leader ?

Thats me!
i'm great at finding creative solutions and solving problems.

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